54 T/M Rigid Lorries

Our most popular vehicles are 6 wheeled multipurpose, manoeuvrable, rigid lorries with optional draw bar trailer.

Fitted with a newly designed remote control Fassi 54T/M crane and benefiting from a single front axle and rear steering axle for maximum turning circle.

Most of these vehicle are also fitted with front stabilizers in front of the cab giving them 360 degree lifting duties (Please ask for a 360 lifter when booking if required).

All of our 54t/m vehicles are new style Scania cabs fitted with the most environmentally friendly Euro 6 engines, so can travel into all ultra-low emissions zones and clean air zones.

These lorries have 25′ bed space and another 20′ available on the trailer. Both are fitted with extendable twist locks for wide loads and rear pull out for up to 32′ loads.

Maximum Cabin size & combinations that will fit on one of these vehicles are:- 2 x 24′ or 1 x32′ + 1 x 16′.

Take a look at the pictures on the right to see these Hiab vehicles in action or download the crane duty chart and lorry dimensions for more information.