82 T/M Rigid Lorries with Fly Jib and Hoist

We offer a wide range of Hiab Hire but our longest reach lifters are our 82t/m Hiab vehicles (lorry mounted cranes) equipped with both a fly jib and hoist, for those hard to reach places.

With a HUGE 35m reach, latest vehicles are 8 wheeled rigid lorries with 75% of wheels steering for maximum turning circle and can be supplied with or without a draw bar trailer.

With a Remote control Fassi 82 T/M crane and two extra out riggers factory fitted to front of the cab, these vehicles benefit from 360 degree full lifting duties, lifting over house and other obstacles with ease.

These lorries have a 24′ bed space and another 20′ available on the trailer. Both are fitted with extendible twist locks for wide loads and rear pull out for up to 32′ long indivisible loads.

Maximum Cabin size & combinations that will fit on one of these vehicles is:- 2 x 24′ and using their hydraulic extensions enables them to carry indivisible loads up to 32′ e.g. a 32′ + 16′.

These Hiab vehicles are ideal for multiple installations, often alleviating the need for expensive mobile cranes.

Take a look at the pictures on the right to see these Hiab vehicles in action or download the crane duty chart.