HIAB Lorry Hire / Rental

As one of the largest Hiab hire companies in the UK, our range of FORS Gold accredited Hiab vehicles transport loads nationwide and can lift up to 12 tons in weight, with a reach of over 35 meters, with minimum fuss.  Our varied fleet of lorry mounted cranes for hire ensures we have the correct machine if you require an item lifting and shifting.

Hiab is a commonly used term for a lorry mounted crane, these type vehicles have a huge variety of uses often removing the need for forklifts or mobile cranes to be present at the collection and delivery sites, saving our customers large amounts of money.

We operate the largest fleet of 360 degree, front mounted Hiabs in the U.K. These FORS Gold vehicles have been specially modified to incorporate an extra set of crane stabilisers in front of the cab, meaning that for the first time loads can be lifted safely at full duties in over the lorry cab and at every other angle. This feature makes our 360 Hiab lorries a very versatile piece of equipment being able to deliver even oversized loads to a site and place it up to over 35 meters away in any direction. (be sure to ask for a 360 lifter if needed when calling for a quotation)

Running a fleet of over 30 vehicles nationwide means we will usually have a vehicle in your area to attend to your requirements at short notice.

All of our latest vehicles are fitted with a minimum of 54t/m lorry mounted cranes with remote controls and have a vast selection of lifting equipment on board meaning that we will always be able to lift and move your cargo safely.

We also have several vehicles which are fitted with Slew Restrictors which allows us to safely work along side live railway lines and live traffic lanes.

A full lorry hire / rental package to suit your needs.

Its not just our on site operators who are fully trained, experienced and helpful but our office staff also have years of transport and crane experience under their belt and would be happy to offer you any advise you may need before booking any job on 01530 510550.

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